The BMW M6

The BMW M6 has a history little known in America, yet the car is one of the most recognizable ones put out by BMW. The M6 first came about in 1983 when BMW modified the M88/3 engine which is a modified version of what’s in the M1 and dropped it into a E24 Chassis creating what is known as the M6325CSI, or rather, the M6. The car was critically acclaimed, and often referred to as the “shark nose.” The production ended in 1989.
In 2005 the car was reserected with all knew tech but it still kept its very much sharp nose in its design. It was also acclaimed to be an all around stellar car, with the only issue that most people having bing the Idrive system which seemed to crash, or be to ridiculously complicated. But all in all the car was given great ratings and said to be a terrific drive. A total of 9,087 coupes and 5,056 convertibles were sold by 2010 when production of this generation stopped.

Two years after closing production they surprised the car world with a new generation. In March 2012 the M6 deputed at the Geneva Motor Show. The model is based on the BMW F12/F13 and shares its 7-speed M-DCT gearbox, and the BMW s63 V8 engine and other technology with the BMW M5 (F10).
In a way the BMW M6 has been a model car for BMW technology and even though its officially not some could call this their flagship car. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for use.