Prodrive P2

The Prodrive P2 is a extremely interesting prototype created by Prodrive, Banbury, Warwick. The car is based on the Subaru R1 kei and a very well known engine – the Subaru Impreza WRX STI – coupled with many systems which Prodrive designed for their World Championship racing programmers, which have been proven to be extremely impressive. The design of the car was done by Peter Stevens who is famous for designing the McLaren F1 car. The car features a rally like anti lag system which prevents turbo lag as well as an active center and active rear differential with maximum grip performance. The rear differential uses an advanced computer system to shift torque wherever it is needed, making the maneuvering absolutely amazing. The system uses spin-slip sensor readings, which is very common in rally cars, but almost never seen on road cars. One car has been fully completed and was featured on Top-Gear, where one of the hosts tested this deferential system by driving the car around a circle; the car kept closing the circle at extremely high speeds for such a maneuver, resulting in the host, Jeremy Clarkson, having to stop the car, open the door and vomiting all over the road. The car obtained a 0-60 speed in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 174 with only 345 bhp. Which is extremely impressive for a car designed from rally tech. On the Top-Gear track, the car received a time o 1:24:3, beating out the Audi R8, the BMW M5, The Aston Marin Vanquish, and the TVR Sagaris. Prodrive has no plans to put this car into production. Regardless, the Prodrive P2 is one of the most impressive cars produced in the last 20 years, and we’ve started to see the tech ideas being put into other car systems by more known automakers.

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