Ferrari Daytona

The Ferrari Daytona is one of the most renounced Ferraris that has ever been put in production. The official name is the Ferrari 365 GTB/4, but the unofficial name Daytona is speculated to have been give to the car after its stellar performance in the February 41967 24 Hours of Daytonea with a 330 p3/4, a 330 p4 and a 412, of which it finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Finnish. The car was first shown and introduced in 1968 at the Paris Auto Salon, shortly after it went into production of which the production line lasted until 1973 when the mid-engined 365GT Berlinetta Boxer replaced the car.

The Ferrari Daytona’s engine was front-engined, rear-drive car, which was unlike other GT cars during this time, most were mid-engine. The engine was known as the Tipo 251 and was based off of the Colombo V12. The design produced an acceleration for 0-60 in 5.4 seconds. The car has a manual five-speed transmission.

There’s and excepted number for the amount of Daytonas made which is 1,406, for all models. There were two main models, the spyders and berlinettas, there was also a Pininfarina prototype. Now some of the berlinettas have been converted into spyders due to the price boost it gives it.


This Ferrari Daytona is so iconic that its almost impossible to explain. Miami Vice featured a replica built on a Corvette chassis, which later was destroyed on screen due to a law suit Ferrari filed against the company which produced the replica kit. The was was voted to be the top sports car of the 1970s by Sports Car International Magazine and Motor Trend Magazine put it as the number two greatest Ferrari of all time. The car now goes for millions at auction, and has found a place in automotive history which is unshakable.