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Ferrari 308

The 308 is a  perfect embodiment of the 1970’s. The car had the slick angular style and aggressive attitude . Although the car was very popular very few variations were made in comparison to other Ferraris; the few variations that were made were quite interesting.
In  1975  the 308 was shown at the Paris motor show and soon after was released for production with two distinct variations – GTB and GTS. It has a tube frame with a separate body. Both cars are very much mechanically similar. They had a V8 with twin overhead camshaft which was transversely mounted with the transaxle transmission. it had single coil ignition system. They had a synchromesh 5 speed manual transmission with a limited slip differential clutch.  The suspension was all independent, coaxial coil springs, double wishbones,  hydraulic dampers, and with anti-roll bars. The design was by the famed Pinifarina.

The GTB differed greatly in the body material in that it was made of glass-reinforced plastic. Which made it much lighter that the steal body of the GTS.  The performance of the GTB was 0-100 in 15 seconds and a top speed of 159 miles per hour.

Other variations in clue the  308 GTBi/GTSi the 308 quattrovalvole and the 288 GTO which was introduced towards the end of the production . The 288 is considered to be ferraris first super car and most of the design was borrowed from the 308. It was turbocharded and had a bigger spoiler along with other modifications.  There was also the 208 GTB and GTS, although they were mainly sold in italy and never quite made it to the us.